July 17 CNBC Column on the Root Legal Causes Of The Child Immigration Crisis

CNBC.com published my column on the root legal causes of the flood of children attempting to enter the United States from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. 

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Sterling Trial Day 4: Shelly Strikes Back

After Donald Sterling reduced her to tears by calling her a “pig” at the end of her testimony on Day 3 of trial, Shelly Sterling calmly took apart Donald Sterling’s case during her testimony on Day 4. She provided vivid detail of (1) Donald’s panic that the NBA was about to terminate his ownership of the Clippers, (2) his participation in the decision to sell 100% of the team, (3) his joy on hearing that Shelly had obtained $2 billion from Steve Ballmer and (4) his temper tantrum that accompanied his last minute change of heart. She also revealed that Donald Sterling had larded the Trust with $500 million in debt, requiring the sale of the team now that the Trust has been dissolved. All in, it was another bad day for Donald Sterling.

Trial will continue on July 22 with closing arguments scheduled for July 28. Shelly has concluded her case, including Donald as an adverse witness. Donald will present his witnesses when trial continues.

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Day 3 of Sterling Trial: Donald Yells In Court & Calls Wife A “Pig”

On the third day of his trial, Donald Sterling put on a master class on how not to behave in court.  He demonstrated a complete inability to control his anger, yelling at the court:


After Shelly Sterling testified, Donald verbally assaulted his wife for having the temerity to testify about his mental decline.  When she approached him, he snapped:

“Get away from me, you pig. Shelly, how could you lie?”

Under California probate law, inability to control anger is one of the hallmarks of mental incapacity.

Steve Ballmer’s attorney, Adam Streisand, aptly described Donald Sterling’s outburst at Shelly as “a shameful display by a seriously demented tyrant, and he proved today that he absolutely has to go.”

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Sterling Trial Day 2: Mr. Sterling’s Wild Ride

Donald Sterling took the witness stand on Day 2 of his trial and it was everything that people anticipated.  He was the proverbial loose cannon: irrascible, pugnacious, preening, self-centered, tearful, funny and playing by his own set of rules.  He verbally sparred with famed litigator Bert Fields, attacked the two doctors who examined him and found him to be “mentally incapacitated”, accused one of those doctors of being drunk during the examination, proclaimed that the NBA was engaged in a vendetta against him and railed against the media. Virtually every live blog of his testimony used the phrase “off the rails”.  But the question remains, was he crazy, crazy like a fox or mostly irrelevant.

The answer is that Sterling’s testimony, while highly entertaining, was largely irrelevant.  Donald Sterling’s mental capacity is not one of the issues to be determined by Judge Michael Levanas during this trial.  Instead, he is being asked to determine whether Shelly Sterling and her doctors adhered to the procedure set forth in the Sterling Family Trust to declare him mentally incapacitated.  So long as that procedure was followed, Judge Levanas must ratify Donald Sterling’s removal as co-trustee.  But how can you ignore a cross-examination that includes Donald Sterling bellowing at famed litiigator Bert Fields:

Be a man, for God’s Sake, Be a Man!

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